The Islamic Economics and Finance (IEF) portal and its DataBank (IEF DataBank) is a joint effort of Hamad Bin Khalifa University’s Center for Islamic Economics and Finance and Qatar National Library. It is developed as a reference site providing access to a comprehensive collection of research information pertaining to the increasingly important field of Islamic economics and finance. It aims to assist academics, researchers and professionals who require relevant academic information related to Islamic economics and finance, and pertinent shari`a rulings and sources. This information is gleaned from publicly available sources, private firms, and other hard-to-find sources.

It is the only IEF DataBank of its kind; it aims to bridge the gap between scholars and researchers the world over so that ideas are more accessible to develop and facilitate cutting edge research. The largest section of the databank is devoted to bibliographic data from publications, including articles, books, book chapters, conference papers, and theses. A number of records contain originally prepared abstracts.

In addition to IEF DataBank, a detailed glossary of Islamic economics and finance terms is included to ease understanding of terms relevant and particular to the field, biographies of selected authors, a comprehensive list of periodicals which helps budding authors in selecting outlets for the publication of their research, and finally a list of universities and colleges offering Islamic economics and finance programs leading to certifications and degrees/diplomas. Also included is a selected list of Islamic Banks, takaful and Islamic insurance companies in Qatar.

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