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Islamic Finance Project
About IFP

The Islamic Finance Program (IFP) portal is intended as a reference site to promote discussion on issues and practices in implementation of products and services coming under the umbrella of Islamic economics and finance.

This portal is the result of the 30 years of work put in by Dr. S. Nazim Ali in the field of Islamic economics and finance. It was established by Dr. Ali as the Harvard Islamic Finance Information Program (HIFIP) at Harvard University in 1995, it merged with the Islamic Legal Studies Program at Harvard Law School (HLS) in 2004, to become the Islamic Finance Portal (IFP), where it stayed until the program’s closure in 2014. Currently the IFP is hosted privately by Dr. Nazim Ali.

Events and publications organized under the aegis of both HIFIP and IFP have made available on this portal on temporary basis for the purpose of providing researchers and the general public access to the documents and reports produced by HIFP/IFP across the 19 years of its existence. In the meantime, HLS is making parallel arrangements to host the material for future reference.

For any inquiries, please free to contact me.

S. Nazim Ali, Ph.D.
Professor and Director
Center for Islamic Economic and Finance
Qatar Faculty of Islamic Studies
Hamad Bin Khalifa University Email: