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Islamic Finance Project
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  Book Islamic Finance: Dynamics and Development: Proceedings of the Fifth Harvard University on Islamic Finance
Cambridge, Massachusetts : Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Harvard University , 2003, 310p.
ISBN 0-9702835-4-7
Table of Contents

Preface / Thomas D. Mullins
Foreword / Samuel L. Hayes, III
Part I: Islamic Economics

Introduction / Rodney Wilson
Islamic Banking in Turkey (1990-2000): Boon or Bane for the Turkish Financial Sector? / Mahmoud A. El-Gamal and Hulusi Inanoglu
A Capital Adequacy Framework for Islamic Banks: The Need to Reconcile Depositors. Risk Aversion with Managers. Risk Taking / Maximilian J.B. Hall, Humayon A. Dar, and Dadang Muljawan
Risk, Return, and Volatility of Faith-Based Investing: The Case of the Dow Jones Islamic Index / M. Kabir Hassan
Eliminating Riba: The Holy Alliance between Law and Economics in Pakistan / Tariq Hassan
Quantitative Methods of Stock Selection in the Construction and Testing of Shari.a-Compliant Strategies / John Lightstone
Part II: The Shari’a

Introduction / Hussein Hassan
The Centrality of Fiqh: An Introduction to Shari.a-Compliant Finance / Taha bin Hasan Abdul-Basser
Shari.a-Compliant Financing Structures and the Development of an Islamic Economy / Michael J.T. McMillen
Shari.a Principles and Their Application: Examples from Islamic Finance / Muddassir H. Siddiqui
Credit Enhancement in Ijara Transactions / Robert W. Toan and Monir Barakat
Ijtihad in Islamic Finance / Frank E. Vogel
What Can Islamic Banks Do Besides Eliminating Riba? / Nizam Yaquby
Part III: Islamic Finance

Introduction / Ibrahim Warde
Islamic Financial Products: Addressing the Needs of the Retail Market Using the Internet as a Platform / Ramzi Abu Khadra
Corporate Customer Perceptions of Islamic Banking Products and Services / Norafifah Ahmad and Sudin Haron
The Emerging Islamic Financial Architecture: The Way Ahead / Ahmad Mohamed Ali
Regulatory Environment and Strategic Directions in Islamic Finance / Jassar Al Jassar
The Progress of Islamic Banking and Finance in Bahrain / Ahmed bin Mohammed Al-Khalifa
Strategic Trends in the Islamic Banking and Finance Movement / Monzer Kahf
The Comparative Advantages of Islamic Banking and Finance / M. Nejatullah Siddiqi
Recent Developments in Islamic Banking in Indonesia / Mulya E. Siregar and Nasirwan Ilyas
Alternative Trading Systems and the Viability of an Islamic Electronic Communications Network / Thomas Tellner
Part IV: Commerical Products, Business Models, and Other

Introduction / Abdulkader Thomas
Creating Financial Solutions for American Muslims: HSBC.s Experience in the United States / Tariq Al-Rifai
Managing Shari.a-Compliant Mutual Funds in a Volatile Equity Environment: The Emerging Market Experience and the Global Experience / Adam Ebrahim and Bernard R. Horn, Jr
Prospects for the Evolution of Takaful in the 21st Century / Omar C. Fisher and Dawood Taylor
Opening Doors for Muslim Families in America / Saber Salam
Strategies in the Islamic Funds Industry: An Exploratory Analysis / Zafar Sareshwala and Mohammed Obaidullah
Islamic Windows: A Solution for Muslim Community Banking in the United States / A. Rushdi Siddiqui
Part V: Islamic Finance in the Contemporary Context

An open discussion of the challenges and opportunities facing the Islamic financial industry since September 11 and the market downturn, crises, and bankruptcies that have followed.

Panelists: Mahmoud A. El-Gamal (Chair); Fred Crawford, James Godec, Iqbal Ahmad Khan, Abdulkader Thomas
Report: Fatima Raja
Part VI: A Brief History of the Harvard Islamic Finance Information Program

An overview of the history of the Harvard Islamic Finance Information Program and its achievements.

Report: Munir Zilanawala

A: Fifth Forum Program of Events
B: Profiles of Speakers and Chairs