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  Book Islamic Finance: The Task Ahead: Proceedings of the Fourth Harvard University Forum on Islamic Finance
Cambridge Massachusetts: Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Harvard University, 2002, 298p.
ISBN 0-9702835-2-0
Table of Contents

Preface / Thomas D. Mullins
Foreword / Samuel L. Hayes, III
Part I: Islamic Economics

Introduction / Clement Henry
The Economics of 21st-Century Islamic Jurisprudence / Mahmoud A. El-Gamal
Islamic Finance and Economic Stability: An Econometric Analysis / M. K. Hassan and M. I.A. Mazumder
A Comparison of Transactions in Conventional and Islamic Economies / Mabid Ali Al Jarhi
The Mythology of Islamic Economics and the Theology of the East Asian Economic Miracle / M.A.M.Khan
Part II: The Shari’a

Introduction / Gohar Bilal
Shari`ah and Legal Issues of Online Islamic Banking and Finance / Mohd. Daud Bakar and Zainudin Jaffar
Shari`ah Guidelines: A Look at the Differences and Their Impact on Performance / Laurent Chappuis
Changing Perspectives in Shari`ah Supervision / Yusuf Talal DeLorenzo
Shari`ah Supervision of Islamic Mutual Funds / Yusuf Talal DeLorenzo
Purification of Islamic Equity Funds: Methodology and Shari`ah Foundation / Mohamed Ali Elgari
The Regulation of Risk in Islamic Law, the Common Law, and Federal Regulatory Law / Mohammad Fadel
Corporate Debt and Islam / Shaikh Abdul Hamid
Structuring Islamic Investment Funds: Legal, Tax & Regulatory Aspects / W. D.Knight, Jr & H. Thompson
Trading In Equities: A Shari`ah Perspective / Nizam Yaquby
Part III: Islamic Finance

Introduction / Mohammed Obaidullah
Islamic Investing: An Institutional Investor`s Perspective / Omer Ahmed
Culture or Accounting: What Are the Real Constraints for Islamic Finance in a Riba-Based Global Economy? / Andrew Cunningham
An Introduction to Modern Islamic Economics and Finance / Mahmoud A. El-Gamal
Challenges Facing the Islamic Financial Industry / Stephen K. Green
The Islamic Banking System in Malaysia: Some Issues / Sudin Haron and Norafifah Ahmad
The Scope of Off-Balance-Sheet Transactions in Islamic Finance / Zamir Iqbal
Islamic Finance: Successes, Prospects, and Neglected Areas / Jassar Al Jassar
The Challenge of Reach and Richness in Islamic Finance / Iqbal Ahmad Khan
Meeting the Competitive Challenge: Marketing Leadership in Islamic Financial Institutions / Essam Mahmoud and Gillian Rice
Islamic Finance: A Quarter-Century Assessment / Ibrahim Warde
Part IV: Commerical Products, Business Models, and Other

Introduction / Muhammed-Shahid Ebrahim
The Relationship between Legislation, Regulation, and the Influence of the Private Sector: A Congressional Perspective / Jameel W. Aalim-Johnson
The Capitalization of Islamic Financial Institutions in the United States / Yahia Abdul-Rahman & Mike Abdelaaty
Islamic Equity Funds: Opportunities and Challenges for Fund Managers / John Bauer, Richard P. Keigher, and Kelley Hicks
Developing Financial Products in Islamic Finance / Fred Crawford
A Practical Approach to Product Development / Thomas R. Gainor
The Role of Venture Capital in Contemporary Islamic Finance / Aamir Khan and Tariq Al-Rifai
Do Islamic Equity Funds Measure Up?: The View from Al-Tawfeek / Naseeruddin Khan
Structuring Islamic Equity Funds: Shari`a Board, Purification, Portfolio Management, and Performance Issues / F. Scott Valpey


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