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  Book Islamic Finance: Local Challenges, Global Opportunities: Proceedings of the Third Harvard University Forum on Islamic Finance
Cambridge, Massachusetts: Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Harvard University, 20009, 319p.
ISBN 0-9702835-1-2
Table of Contents

Preface / Thomas D. Mullins
Foreword / Samuel L. Hayes, III
Forum Opening Address: A Review of Islamic Finance / Mohamed Al Faisal Al Saud
Part I: Islamic Economics

Introduction / M. Nejatullah Siddiqi
Recovering the Islamic Economic Intellectual Heritage: Problems and Possibilities / Waleed El-Ansary
Islamic Venture Capital: A Critical Examination / Masudul Alam Choudhury
An Economic Explication of the Prohibition of Riba in Classical Islamic Jurisprudence / Mahmoud A. El-Gamal
Islamic Banking and the Conduct of Monetary Policy: Lessons from the Islamic Republic of Iran / Ramin Cooper Maysami
Islamic Finance and Beyond: Premises and Promises of Islamic Economics / M. Nejatullah Siddiqi
Experimental Tests of the Homo Economicus: The Implications for the Research on Islamic Economics / Abdullah Yavas
Part II: The Shari’a

Introduction / Frank E. Vogel
Property Rights in Islam / Abdel-Hameed M. Bashir
Business Organizations under Islamic Law: A Brief Overview / Gohar Bilal
Investing in Equities: Some Issues from the Islamic Perspective / Shaikh Abdul Hamid
Toward the Revival of Awqaf: A Few Fiqhi Issues to Reconsider / Monzer Kahf
Rahn-Adl Collateral Security Structure for Project and Secured Financings / Michael J.T. McMillen
Requirements to Be Fulfilled When Conventional Banks Set Up Islamic Banks, Windows, or Funds / Nizam Yaquby
Part III: Islamic Finance

Introduction / Mahmoud A. El-Gamal
Emerging Trends and Opportunities in the Islamic Financial Industry / I. Malcolm Burnett
Analyzing the Creditworthiness of Islamic Financial Institutions / Andrew Cunningham
Islamic Finance: Sustaining Success / Koshy Zacharia Karuvelil
Developing the Country Framework for Islamic Finance / Iqbal Ahmad Khan
Designing Islamic Contracts for Financing Infrastructure Development / Mohammed Obaidullah
Islamic Banks: Technology and Global Challenges and Opportunities / Abdullah Sulaiman Al Rajhi
Islamic Convertible Bonds: An Alternative to Bay al-`Inah and Discounted Bay al-Dayn Islamic Bonds for the Global Islamic Capital Market / Saiful Azhar Rosly and Mohd. Azmi Omar
Cross-Border Ija-ra: A Case Study in the U.S. Taxation of Islamic Finance / Robert W. Toan
The Revitalization of Islamic Profit-and-loss Sharing / Ibrahim Warde
The Islamic Commodity Trust: With Application to Crude Oil Forward Sales / Rudy Yaksick
Part IV: Commerical Products, Business Models, and Other

Introduction / Iqbal Ahmad Khan
Applying Waqf Formula on a Global Basis / Khaled R. Al-Hajeri and Abdulkader Thomas
Cash-waqf Certificate: Global Opportunities for Developing the Social Capital Market in 21st-Century Voluntary-sector Banking / M.A. Mannan
The Role of the Dow Jones Islamic Market Index in Islamic Finance / David E. Moran
Islamic Project Finance: A Case Study of the Equate Petrochemical Company / Mohammad S. Al Omar
The Challenges of Offering a LARIBA Products and Services Window in an American Bank / Yahia Abdul-Rahman, Mike Abdelaaty, and Gary S. Findley
Islamic Banking in Bangladesh: Growth, Structure, and Performance / Md. Abdul Awwal Sarker


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