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Islamic Finance Project
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  Book Integrating Islamic Finance into the Mainstream: Regulation, Standardization and Transparency
Cambridge, Massachusetts : Harvard Law School , ILSP, Islamic Finance Project, 2007, 261p.
ISBN 0-9702835-6-3
Table of Contents

Preface / S. Nazim Ali
Introduction / Ibrahim Warde
Part I - Regulatory Dilemmas

The Impact of Regulation on the Future of Islamic Finance / Nasr-Eddine Benaissa; Xavier Jopart; Melanie Maddux; Ozgur Tanrikulu; and Fenton Whelan
Basel and Corporate Governance in Islamic Banks / M. Kabir Hassan and Mehmet F. Dicle
Convergence of Corporate Governance and the Islamic Financial Services Industry: Toward an Islamic Financial Services Securities Market Ali / Adnan Ibrahim
Regulation, Supervision, and Their Role in the Development of Efficient Islamic Insurance Markets / Philipp Wackerbeck
Part II - Religious, Legal, Economic, and Political Perspectives

Shari’a, Economics, and the Progress of Islamic Finance: The Role of Shari’a Experts / M. Nejatullah Siddiqi
The Tension between Legal Values and Formalism in Contemporary Islamic Finance / Abdurrahman Habil
Islamic Retail Finance in Europe: Market Potential and Legal Challenges / Kilian Balz
Islamic Finance and the International System: Integration without Colonialism / Robert R. Bianchi
Part III - The Sukuk Phenomenon

Sukuk (Islamic Bonds and Securitizations): Toward a Viable Capital (Including Secondary) Market / Michael J. T. McMillen
Regulating Sukuk in Indonesia: Challenges for Implementation / Reza Djojosugito
Part IV - The Way Forward: Perspectives and Controversies

The Road Ahead for Islamic Finance / Jay Collins
A Simple Fiqh-and-Economics Rationale for Mutualization in Islamic Financial Intermediation / Mahmoud A. El-Gamal

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