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  Book Islamic Finance into the 21st Century: Proceedings of the Second Harvard University Forum on Islamic Finance
Cambridge, Massachusetts: Center for Middle Eastern Studies, Harvard University, 1999, 329p.
Table of Contents

Preface, Thomas D. Mullins
Foreword, Samuel L. Hayes , III
Part I: Islamic Economics

Introduction / Mahmoud El-Gamal
Capital Budgeting and Project Financing In Equity-based Economies / Abdul Aziz and Mahmud Rahman
Monetary Policy and Economic Growth: An Islamic Perspective / Abdel-Hameed M. Bashir
Islam and Economic Development: A Discussion within the Framework of Ibn Khaldun's Philosophy of History / M. Umer Chapra
Resource Mobilization and Development Goals for Islamic Banks / Masudul Alam Choudhury
Size, Profitability, and Agency in Profit- and Loss-sharing in Islamic Banking and Finance / Humayon A. Dar, David I. Harvey, and John R. Presley
The Survival of Islamic Banking: A Micro-evolutionary Perspective / Mahmoud A. El-Gamal
The Institution of Zakat and Its Economic Impact on Society / Marghoob A. Quraishi
A Short Outline of the Foundations of Islamic Economics / Usamah Uthman
Part II: The Shari’a

Introduction / Yusuf Talal DeLorenzo
Linking Ethics and Economics: The Role of Ijtihad in the Regulation and Correction of Capital Markets. / Taha J. al-Alwani and Waleed El-Ansary
Shari'ah Precautionary Procedures in Murabaha and Istisna': A Practical Perspective / Abdul-Rahman Abdullah bin Aqeel
Islamic Tradable Instruments: Basic Building Blocks / Gohar Bilal
Murabaha, Sales of Trust, and the Money-value of Time / Yusuf Talal DeLorenzo
Some Recurring Shari'ah Violations in Islamic Investment Agreements Used by International Banking Institutions / M. A. Elgari
Practical Legal and Tax Issues in Islamic Finance and Investment in the United States / Isam Salah and W. Donald Knight, Jr.
Islamic Finance in View of the Shari'ah / Nizam Yaquby
Part III: Islamic Finance

Introduction / Muhammed-Shahid Ebrahim
Islamic Finance: Opportunities and Challenges in a New Global Environment / Shaukat Aziz
Islamic Project Finance: Problems and Promises / Don Babai
Islamic Finance and Investment: A New Era / Adnan A. Al Bahar
Integrating Islamic and Conventional Project Finance / Muhammed-Shahid Ebrahim
Islamic Banking: Issues in Prudential Regulations and Supervision / Luca Errico and Mitra Farahbaksh
Islamic Finance in Malaysia: A Tax Perspective / Walid Hegazy
Islamic Finance: Evolution and Challenges / Iqbal Ahmad Khan
Financial Engineering in Islamic Finance / Zamir Iqbal
Accounting and Auditing Standards for Islamic Financial Institutions / Rifaat Ahmed Abdel-Karim
Challenges Facing Islamic Banking in the 21st Century / Fuad Abdullah Al-Omar and Munawar Iqbal
The Realities and Challenges Facing Islamic Equity Funds: Islamic Bankers Are Missing the Point / Tariq Al-Rifai
Part IV: Commerical Products, Business Models, and Other

Introduction / Gohar Bilal
Islamic Finance Information Superhighway / Taha Abdul-Basser
Strategic Alliances in Islamic Banking / Basil Al-Ghalayini
New Frontiers of Islamic Banking in the 21st Century with Special Reference to Informal and Voluntary Sector Banking / M. A. Mannan
Key Concepts of Islamic Finance: Their Relevance to Consumer Finance Products / Pervez Nasim
LARIBA (Islamic) Mortgage Financing in the United States: Providing an Alternative to Traditional Mortgages / Yahia K. Abdul-Rahman and Abdullah S. Tug
The Hedge Fund: An Ideal Investment Vehicle for Muslim Investors / Arif Kamal Siddiqui


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