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Islamic Finance Project
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  Book Islamic Finance: Innovation and Authenticity
Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard Law School , ILSP, Islamic Finance Project, 2010, 317p.
ISBN 0970283571
Table of Contents

Preface / S. Nazim Ali
Introduction / Rodney Wilson
Part I: Innovation and Authenticity

Innovation and Authenticity: A Keynote Speech / Robert C. Merton
Innovation and Authenticity in Islamic Finance / M. Umer Chapra
Theory of Higher Objectives of Islamic Law vis-a-vis Islamic Finance / Mansoor Shakil
Authenticity of Islamic Finance in Light of the Principle of Daman / Abdurrahman Habil
Part II: Islamic Monetary Union and National Financial Regulation

Islamic Finance: Authenticity and Innovation - A Regulator's Perspective/ Shamshad Akhtar
Islamic Monetary Union: Feasibility, Viability, and Sustainability of a New Global Currency / Joseph A. DiVanna
Global Legislation and Regulations on Islamic Banking: Innovation and Authenticity Implications / Huma Sodher
Part III: Sukuk Issues

Purchase Undertakings in Recent Sukuk Issuances: Different Objectives and Approaches / Andrew Coats and Habib Motani
Standardization and Authenticity in the Global Sukuk Market / Armen V. Papazian
Islamic Securitization Market: The GCC Debt Market Turns Shari'a- Compliant / Hatim El-Tahir
Part IV: Islamic and Socially Responsible Investment

Breaking the Formalist Deadlock? Islamic Investment and Corporate Social Responsibility /Kilian B'alz

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