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Islamic Finance Project
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  Book Building Bridges Across Financial Communities: the Global Financial Crisis, Social Responsibility, and Faith-Based Finance.
Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard Law School , ILSP, Islamic Finance Project, 2012, 334p.
ISBN: 0970283598
Table of Contents

Preface / S. Nazim Ali
Part I: Islamic Finance and Global Economic Meltdown

After the Meltdown: New Perspectives on Islamic Finance / Ibrahim Warde
Portfolio Diversification during Financial Crisis: Analysis of Islamic Investment Strategies / Jahangir Sultan and Maher Milly
Islamic Finance after the Global Financial Crisis / Majid Dawood and Huma Sodher
Part II: Shari.a and Regulatory Framework

Adding Social Responsibility and Accountability to the Mandate of Shari.a Advisory Boards / Aly Khorshid
Islamic Monetary Union: Feasibility, Viability, and Sustainability of a New Global Currency / Joseph A. DiVanna
Challenging the Parameters of Permissible Hedging in Islamic Finance: Rationale and Implementation of Recent Shari.a Rulings / Robert Rilk
Part III: Social Responsibility

Empowering CSR, SRI, and SE in Islamic Finance /Mohamad Akram Laldin
Investment Evaluation Framework for Socially Responsible Investing and Islamic Finance / Sajjad H. Shah
Money and Morality: Pathways toward a Civic Stewardship Ethic / Marcy Murningham
Part IV: Islamic and Socially Responsible Investment

Is Faith a Luxury for the Rich? Examining the Influence of Religious Beliefs on Individual Financial Choices / Ayesha Khalid Khan
Faith and Finance: A Catholic Consideration /Séus P. Finn
Faith and Finance: Value-Guided Pursuit of Interests /Mohammed Nejatullah Siddiqi

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